IPhone 8, IPhone 7s Or IPhone Pro? Apple’s 2017 Devices’ Confusing Rumors

iPhone 8>Yes, I admit it. I’m one of those gadget fools who subscribed to Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program so I could get a new iPhone every year. And, yes again, I’m looking forward to iPhone 8. Or, maybe iPhone Pro. Possibly iPhone 7s Plus. Whatever the name, I want it.

To keep my enthusiasm high I’ve scoured the interwebs to see what rumors I could pick up on Apple’s plans for the year. Some pieces are easily dismissed, others just make super sense, and still other features are drool worthy. Thanks to MacRumors for a great image of a futuristic iPhone without side bezels, chin, or forehead. I want that.

Peeling The Onion

Apple has done a masterful job peeling the features onion, one layer at a time, year after year. iPhone customers get something new each year, something compelling enough to buy a new phone every couple of years or so, and that keeps the money flowing into Cupertino. An iPhone 8 sans side bezels, chin and forehead means the devices is mostly screen. Who cares? You do.

That also means an iPhone 8 Plus with screen edge to edge could be about the size of today’s vanilla iPhone 7. Samsung pulled a similar trick with the new Galaxy S8. The bigger screen device, about 6.2-inches, is roughly the same size as an iPhone 7 Plus. The smaller Galaxy S8 has a screen the size of an iPhone 7 Plus, but the device’s case is the size of an iPhone 7.

See? More screen. Smaller space. What else?

Rumors are all over the map regarding Apple’s new flagship iPhone, but the ones that make sense are these. Look for an improved and faster Apple designed A11 CPU. A new camera but along with Touch ID, it’s embedded into the display. Goodbye Home button. That’s embedded into the display, too. It also seems obvious that Apple will move to an OLED display but supply could be an issue as iPhone components are required in huge numbers, so maybe only the iPhone 8 Plus Pro X (or, whatever name Apple chooses for the 10th anniversary device) gets the latest and greatest.

What about wireless charging? What about a glass body wrapped around a stainless steel frame to replace the aluminum? What about a camera with 3D sensing capability? Sure. Why not? Historically, wireless charging works better in television commercials than it does in real life, but it’s more of a gimmick than a must-have feature.

My interest lies in the front of iPhone 8 more than any other change Apple could implement. When you hold a device that has no side bezels will finger or thumb touches activate an app or a function? Will Touch ID be on the front or the back? Will there be a forehead and chin? Samsung’s Galaxy S8 still has both, though greatly reduce (and small enough that the ugly and oversized Samsung logo went to the back of the case.

One more thing. Apple’s iPhones to date have come in a variety of colors but the font side is white or black. Without a side bezel and with greatly reduced forehead and chin, will colors be relegated to the back? I buy a case for my iPhone so the color is less important except for the front where I prefer black.

Guesstimates for Apple’s 2017 iPhone 8 will kick into high gear between now and September, but that’s one part of owning an iPhone that is free fun.

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