IPhone 6 And IPhone 6 Plus Review: 3 Months Later

Ren: Okay, I'll say it! The iPhone 6 is a wee bit too big for me. I drop it on my face when I'm lying down, and one-handed typing is a pain. That said, I'm never going back to a 4-inch iPhone. The extra screen real estate is just too good to give up. I love the curved fit and finish — though I've had to get a case because it's a tad too slippery for my clumsy hands. I am a little bummed at how easily the front screen scratches — I've had to consciously put my keys separately from my iPhone for the first time since owning one. But from a big picture standpoint, it seems like a silly thing to get mad about. ("Oh no! My fragile glass-covered device is fragile!") It's overall one of the best phones I've owned: Big enough to do any important task, small enough to still fit in my pocket.

(6 Plus users, I respect you guys, but you're crazy. Too big for me.)

Peter: After using both for a while, I've settled on the iPhone 6 as my daily driver. I'm used to being able to do most of what I need to on my phone with one hand, and the smaller size of the iPhone 6 enables me to do that — the iPhone 6 Plus is simply too big to comfortably do a lot of one-handed thumb typing and the other stuff I've taken for granted with smaller iPhones. Having said that, I think Apple's done a tremendous job with its design of the iPhone 6 Plus. Compared to many phones of similar size, the iPhone 6 Plus feels really good in your hands, its weight is well balanced and the design and shape makes it feel more comfortable.

Ally: I pre-ordered both an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Due to constraint and initial demand, I received my iPhone 6 first. The iPhone 6 Plus finally arrived a few weeks later. When I first unboxed it my gut instinct was that it was way too big and I'd never use it as a daily driver. For the first month or so, that was the case. Strangely I've been using the iPhone 6 Plus more and more often over the past few weeks and am starting to prefer it. I can attribute most of this to the battery life. After using both, there's no denying the iPhone 6 Plus puts the iPhone 6 to shame. However, it still irritates me that I can't fit it in my jeans pocket easily. Sometimes that still keeps me from carrying it around if my wardrobe doesn't allow. That alone makes me think if I could only have one, I'd still go for the iPhone 6. But then, two words come to mind: battery life.

Rene: I know some people complain that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are rounder and smoother and hence harder to hold onto, but I haven't found that to be a problem at all. I love the smoothness. It's like a riverstone and I just keep flipping it in my hand. Over and over again.

I've had my iPhone 6 Plus in the front pocket of my straight-cut jeans, without a case, for going on 3 months and it shows not a single sign of wear and tear. (I did scratch it slightly — ironically on the camera of an iPhone 6!) The gold still looks great, there are no chips on the casing, and no, there's not a single bend in sight.

Kevin: I bought 128GB versions of both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at launch, switching back and forth a week at a time between the two until I could decide which one I truly preferred. While in the hand the iPhone 6 still retains that familiar iPhone feeling I've known since the original in 2007, the 6 Plus feels alien as far as iPhones go. It's too big to comfortably use with one hand. That said, I adapted and ultimately I settled on the 6 Plus. Compared to the iPhone 6, the larger screen is big enough for me to type on comfortably with two thumbs at fast speeds, which as a power communicator I appreciate a lot.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus review: 3 months later
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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus review: 3 months later