IMessage Is The Glue That Keeps Me Stuck To The IPhone

Last week Google revealed its Pixel phone, or "Google phone" as Google’s own search trends have determined. The promise of a premium-feeling Android phone, with a new virtual assistant and access to the latest Android software, is tantalizing enough to make even the most content iPhone users consider a switch at upgrade time.

As someone who vacillates between iOS and Android fairly often, but who considers a lightly cracked iPhone 6S her daily driver, I’m also considering whether the Pixel phone is the next phone to buy. All of the software I use now is available on Android: all of my top email, calendar, music, fitness, photography, task-based, work collaboration, and social networking apps are there.

But one app is not, and that’s iMessage. Every time someone has asked me if they should switch, I ask them one question: do you use iMessage? If the answer is "Yes," the Pixel decision becomes that much more difficult.

Every app I use is on Android, except for iMessage

iMessage is the glue that keeps me stuck to the iPhone
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