This Is The New Ford Ranger For 2019

Face it, you really want a pickup truck, and not because you really plan on taking it off-road, loading up bales of hay or taking up carpentry. We've been reporting for a while that pickups are hot right now, and if the re-introduction of the Ford Ranger is any indication, that trend will continue to grow. Ford made the 2019 Ranger production official at the recent Detroit Auto Show, and they're already well underway with the development process, as recent spy shots from Dearborn, Michigan have confirmed.

ford ranger 2019

We're not totally sure that the cloaking is even necessary since the shape is essentially the same as the current Ranger that's sold in overseas markets. Our vehicle won't be exactly the same, though, or at least that's what we expect. We're guessing the fascia will be totally different, more in line with the recently tweaked F-150. The greenhouse looks nicely raked and similar to the Chevy Colorado with which it will compete. The 2019 Ranger will certainly fall in line with the rest of Ford's truck lineup, even the big Super Duty vehicles. 

Reports indicate that the new pickup will get Ford’s four-cylinder and six-cylinder EcoBoost engines, and possibly a diesel, all mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. No other details have really been shared, and the big question is whether or not the new Ranger will be made out of aluminum like it's bigger brothers. That could be tough since aluminum is expensive, and the new Ranger's price point might not make room for it. But if Ford is serious about pioneering the pickup truck segment, it just might happen. 

ford ranger europeThough the shape resembles the current European version of the Ranger, ours will look a litlte different.

The last Ford Ranger exited the scene back in 2011, at least in America. But now that the mid-size pickup truck segment is lighting up the charts, the timing makes complete sense for Ford. After all, the Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, and the Honda Ridgeline are doing incredibly well in terms of sales figures. Ranger production is planned for the final quarter of 2018 and will go on sale as a 2019 model, followed by the Ford Bronco, which will be smaller and nothing resembling O.J.'s escape vehicle. 

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