Pick Of The Week Podcast – Episode

Say that our podcast is Electro and…

It’ll make sense when you listen. Maybe not, actually. Ron, Josh and Conor are back with some comics that were chosen by us to read, and others that were chosen by people who specifically wanted to punish us. But their vindictive voting cannot stem the tide of a good time talking about comics and rating (rating) things, plus TR Talk.

Why hasn’t Ron watched Friday Night Lights?

Running Time: 01:07:15


00:01:33 – Southern Bastards #16

00:10:14 – All-Star Batman #6

00:15:18 – Green Valley #4

00:18:30 – Titans #7

00:23:36 – Invisible Republic #14

00:27:19 – Power Man and Iron Fist #12

00:28:55 – The Flash #14

00:29:58 – Jessica Jones #4

00:31:19 – Spider-Man #12

00:33:22 – Guardians of the Galaxy #16


00:36:15 – Justice League of America: Vixen: Rebirth #1

Patron’s Choice:

00:40:10 – Justice League/Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1

Patron Thanks:

00:45:52 - Steve Morey

00:47:55 - Jarrett Gossett

00:49:37 - Ernesto

00:51:00 - Kurt Koenig

Conor Talks Suicide Squad:

00:53:33 – He watched it.

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“If I Can’t Change Your Mind”


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