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Mass Effect: Andromeda has reached "gold" status, meaning BioWare has completed its initial development on the highly anticipated action-RPG. The developer confirmed this on Twitter today with a picture of a golden Pathfinder character.

Andromeda will not have a DLC pass, though BioWare will support it with extra content down the road, so the studio is not completely finished with the game just yet. Still, some developers are now taking some deserved time off and enjoying a vacation.

Mass Effect: Andromeda has gone gold.

— BioWare (@bioware) February 24, 2017

In other news, BioWare has released a new video that goes over the basics of weapons and combat. The video below talks about the four main types of weapons (pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles), as well as melee items, special abilities, and more.

In other news about Andromeda, BioWare has announced the PC specs and revealed that >Game of Thrones actors Natalie Dormer and Gethin Anthony are voicing characters in the game.

Andromeda launches on all platforms on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You may not have to wait that long to play, however, as a multiplayer beta is expected to launch at some point before then.

In the meantime, check out our latest preview of Andromeda and chat with BioWare about the size of the game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Goes Gold, As New Weapons Training Video Is Released
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