Mophie's New Battery Pack Is So Tiny, It Could Make Carrying It Around Less Of A Hassle

When you’re building your own custom electronics projects, a simple power switch isn’t always easy to find. If you have some DIY projects that use 9V batteries, this super small power switch is fairly easy to build and is mostly made from an old 9V battery.

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Sean Michael Ragan at Make wanted an easy way to turn off his own projects without having to disconnect the whole battery. He couldn’t find a 9V power switch to buy, so he made one himself. To make your own, you’ll need some wires, a small slide switch, and know how to solder. Beyond that, the rest of the build is comprised of pieces from an old 9v battery. Once you have it all put together and tested, you can clip in a 9V battery and switch it on and off easily. For the complete instructions, check out the link below.


Put a Tiny Power Switch on Your 9V Battery Clip | Make

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