Mophie’s New Case Supercharges Your IPhone With 128GB Of Extra Storage While Doubling Its Battery Life

But, because Apple is Apple, that extra storage may not be as useful as it first seems. Because Apple restricts how third parties can access the internal storage, it can be difficult to move files around.

Mophie has updated its Space app to try and get around this, and users will now be able to access files from Mac or PC via Wi-Fi when connected to the same network. It’s worth noting that apps such as Spotify and VSCO Cam, that have content locked inside, won’t be able to use the extra storage. 

The Spacepack for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus range from US$150 for 32GB model up to US$300 for the 128GB offering. The iPad Mini Spacepack ranges from US$200 for 32GB up to US$400 for 128GB.

If you’d rather not have a bulky case, but want extra storage, Mophie has you covered with its new Spacestation too.

It’s a 6000mAh power-pack that can charge both iOS and Android devices and also provides up to 128GB of extra storage. It'll give 100 percent more power to the iPad Mini and 200 to 300 percent extra for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, letting power users game and browse to their heart's content, without worrying about the dreaded low battery.

[Mophie via Slash Gear]

Mophie’s new case supercharges your iPhone with 128GB of extra storage while doubling its battery life
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