If This Is The HTC One M10, It’s Their Most Unapologetic IPhone Clone To Date

Adoptable storage is excellent, and you should take full advantage of it.

The A9 is the first non-Nexus phone to ship with Marshmallow, and that makes it the first smartphone to take advantage of a much-anticipated feature: Adoptable Storage. This phone comes with 32GB or 16GB of storage depending on where you are, but thankfully, the A9 can encrypt your microSD card and format it to act like internal storage.

So my 32GB A9 is now a 90GB A9, thanks to a two-year-old SD card I threw in it and formatted. More room for pinning Google Play Movies. More room for games that don't play nice when they're moved to SD. And no more pesky 'out of room' notifications when there's plenty of space on my SD card.

Doze is cool, and the new app permissions are welcome, even if a lot of apps haven't adopted the new system yet, but Adoptable Storage beats them both. And I cannot wait to see this on more budget phones.

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