Gun Looking Like IPhone Puts Police In Europe On Alert

The "iPhone Gun" which has been pre-ordered 12,000 times, is disguised as an iPhone - but can transform into a lethal weapon at the touch of a button.

It is believed the weapon will be imported to European criminals within days, as officials struggle to control the borders amid terror fears, The Evening Standard reported.

The device will go on sale for around 330 pounds - half the price of an actual iPhone 7. Belgian police, who are already on high alert following a spate of terrorist attacks in Europe in recent months, were issued a warning about the gun, the report said.

An alert sent to Belgian police at the weekend said that although no copies had yet been found, the weapons were expected to turn up on European streets soon.

"To the eye, nothing can distinguish it from a mobile telephone," said the Belgian police alert, reported by Derniare Heure newspaper.