Going To The Pub Is Good For You – This Is Why

The Publix sub sandwich is one of the best things about living in Florida.

Living in a town with four Publix locations within just a couple miles of each other (even two in the same shopping center) is definitely a huge perk, considering you’re always near by one of these masterful edible creations...masterful, that is, if you  know what you’re doing. Too many times have I been stuck behind some complete  noob who has no idea what they’re doing, wasting my time while they order a completely bland and pointless sandwich, squandering the potential greatness a  Pub sub has to offer. But no more. It’s time the recipe to a great sandwich got out  there. No longer should someone waste a precious spot in line ordering nothing less than the best possible sandwich ever. This is how you build the perfect Pub sub.

First of all, always get a foot-long. Even if you don’t feel like you can finish one (but why wouldn’t you, it’s a delicious Pub Sub?), order the full 12 inches anyway...the second half can always become free lunch the next day. And make sure to put a lot of thought into your bread. The bread is the canvas upon which your comestible art is to be made...you wouldn’t put the Mona Lisa on printer paper,  would you? While a lot of people like white, it’s basic and dries up easily...personally, I like to go with whole wheat because, you know, white carbs are bad carbs, but if the deli has some sort of cheese-based bread, that’s always a good  option too.

Now, as for the meat, you really can’t go wrong. You’ll get your optimal gains with turkey, but chicken tenders will fill you up the best. Ham is also a pretty solid option, and chances are so is any special option being served that day. Cheese is also relatively basic...white American is a personal favorite, but Swiss is a good  option for matching with ham or onions. Provolone also has a good taste, but is a bit  more simple than American. If you really are feeling daring and want your sandwich to have a kick, go the pepper-jack route. Like I said, you really can’t go  wrong whatever you do, but keep this stuff in mind before you get in line, so you’re  ready to go when you’re up to bat. 

Toppings are what make or break the sandwich. Generally speaking, you can never go wrong with lettuce or spinach. Both are relatively flavorless but add a nice consistent texture and some great nutrients. While spinach is much more beneficial  to your iron intake, lettuce has a better crunch. A lot of people are tempted to go with tomatoes too but here’s the thing: tomatoes only taste good cold. If you’re  trying to go the spicy route with your sauces or have chicken tenders or pepper jack cheese, skip tomatoes—the soothing, cool, yet distinctive taste of tomatoes will clash with the fiery cheese/sauce combos. That’s not to say tomatoes are a bad (if  clichéd) choice...just make sure they’re going with a cold cut and cooler sauces. If  this is the case, you also can’t go wrong with olives or onions if that’s your thing.  Pickles are going to be your best friend though. Even if you’re not the type of person  to be able to stomach a dill pickle as a snack, go for pickles on your sandwich.  Pickles are a complimentary vegetable, and their taste takes on a whole new form  when combined with the right type of sandwich substance. There’s a reason Chick- Fil-A is Chick-Fil-A and not Arby’s...it’s because of their distinctive sandwich pickle.  Even on spicy sandwiches, a pickle can do wonders for your sandwich. 

The sauce is the last thing you generally add, and this is majorly crucial. I tend to stay away from mayonnaise, as it’s unhealthy and heavy enough that it’ll take away from your sandwich’s other ingredients. For the cold cut route, you can’t  go wrong with honey mustard, but ranch could work sometimes too. But don’t count out the simple oil and vinegar combo...it’s elegantly effective—just make sure  you go all in with the oil and vinegar, and to not combine those two with any other sauce. Pepper is also a good option. For chicken tender subs, I personally love buffalo sauce and barbecue sauce, but I recently discovered that the best is a combo...buffalo and barbecue. You would think that this would be on the grosser side but the sweet barbecue’s contrast with the sharp and spicy buffalo is heavenly. 

All these suggestions aside, the key to your perfect Pub Sub is planning. Don’t fall flat when it’s your big moment to order. Think carefully about the  sandwich you want, and keep these tips in mind to build that sandwich. Your taste buds will thank you. 

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