FBI Docs Show Clinton Far Too Corrupt To Be President (FBI Vs. Hillary's Henchmen)

October 18, 2016 Power Line

Today the FBI released another 100 pages relating to its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s conduct as Secretary of State. Why it has taken so long for the agency to review, redact and publish a very small quantity of documents is inexplicable. Be that as it may, the documents released today are explosive.

You may have seen headlines to the effect that Hillary’s State Department tried to pressure the FBI to say that various documents located on Hillary’s insecure home server were not classified. This was critical, obviously, because one of Hillary’s lines of defense was to claim, falsely, that she never sent or received classified documents on her off-the-books email system.

Those headlines are correct, but to get the full impact you really have to see the relevant portions of the FBI investigation.

Here they are [https://vault.fbi.gov/hillary-r.-cli...4-of-04/view]; in all cases, click to enlarge. But first, a description.


Subsequently, the interviewee was summoned to an “all agency” meeting at the State Department to discuss the classification review of the Hillary Clinton emails. This fact itself is astonishing: the meeting was attended by representatives of the State Department, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency “and other government agencies,” including, obviously, the FBI. Patrick Kennedy presided. Someone asked whether any of the Hillary emails that were being reviewed for production were classified. Kennedy replied, “Well, we’ll see.”

Following the all agency meeting, Undersecretary of State Kennedy renewed his effort to pressure the FBI to change its classification of the document in question. The FBI representative wouldn’t budge, so Kennedy asked who else at the agency he could talk to. The interviewee gave the name of Michael Steinbach.

The interviewee then participated in a call with Kennedy and Steinbach, in which Kennedy “continued to pressure the FBI to change the classified markings on the email to unclassified.” Steinbach refused. What happened next is–deserves to be, anyway–a bombshell.

Prior to ending the conversation, KENNEDY asked whether the FBI or STATE would conduct the public statements on the matter. STEINBACH advised KENNEDY that the FBI would not comment publicly on the matter.

That was enough for the astonishingly corrupt Hillary Clinton. This is what happened next:

The conference call ended and, according to [ ], the Associated Press (AP) published the story within the hour. Former Secretary of State Clinton appeared in front of the press shortly thereafter to deny having sent classified emails on her private email server.

Here are the first two pages of the relevant FBI investigation file:


Donald Trump has his faults, but Hillary Clinton is far too corrupt to serve as President of the United States.


Read more: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archive...-documents.php

Hillary's Henchmen pressured FBI on Classification of Documents. Hmmm..... That has a nice ring to it -- Hillary's Henchmen. Has anyone seen anything ever released pertaining to Hillary that’s shown her to be decent, honest or even remotely moral? (No, her campaign’s propaganda doesn’t count.) Her very existence seems to be lack of ethics, corruption and criminal activity as it’s foundation.

FBI Docs Show Clinton Far Too Corrupt to Be President, so do many other documents, her exposed lies, her influence peddling, and National Security violations . Why doesn’t this bother Hillary supporters? I’m beginning to think 666 is the number of a woman.

Has anyone happen to note that the FBI cannot unilaterally declassify or downgrade documents for which the Bureau was not the original classification authority? VERY little of the classified information handled by the State Dept. is originally classified by the FBI. In other words, the CIA, DoD, Homeland Security, or other alphabet agencies originally marked them classified. Hillary’s henchmen pressured the FBI to alter the documents for their benefit. That is a Federal crime any way you cut it.

FBI Docs Show Clinton Far Too Corrupt to Be President (FBI vs. Hillary's Henchmen)
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