Data Shows Samsung’s Note 7 Recall Didn’t Translate To Holiday Apple Sales Sweep

You’re right, HTC’s design has changed over the last 3 years. They dropped the front-facing stereo speakers that gave the phone a unique look and instead went with a 2.5D glass front with a fingerprint reader below the screen, looking more like an iPhone or Galaxy than previous HTC phones.

Which built-in app allows Android users to get messages on multiple devices? Google Messenger doesn’t forward messages to a tablet, Google Hangouts doesn’t synchronize messages to a desktop, and Allo can’t even handle SMS yet. So, how exactly are Android users getting their messages on multiple devices when none of the built-in apps support it? Do they have to download a third-party app and just trust that the developers aren’t reading through every text message?

Free apps are nice in theory but developers need to get paid and freemium is an awful business model that most people abhor.

AMOLED still suffers from weird sub-pixel layouts, still suffer from burn-in, the blue sub-pixels still die before the other colours so the screens look awful after a few years, and most AMOLED screens are still incredibly inaccurate when it comes to colours.

USB-C is based on Lightning. If Apple hadn’t put the work into developing Lightning they wouldn’t have been able to pass on their work to put into USB-C and we’d still be stuck with things like Micro-USB 3 (like on the Galaxy S5).

Apple’s A9 chip was made by both Samsung and TSMC but the A10 is made solely by TSMC. It’s actually worse at GPU tasks than competing processors, they just have a resolution advantage so their framerates are higher and can be sustained longer, but it’s more than twice as fast at CPU tasks, and the storage is more than twice as fast at loading data (game or not, the storage doesn’t care what kind of content is being loaded, I don’t know why you would think it’s faster at games but nothing else).

Data shows Samsung’s Note 7 recall didn’t translate to holiday Apple sales sweep
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Data shows Samsung’s Note 7 recall didn’t translate to holiday Apple sales sweep